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Discover our 4 homogeneous collections

Polystyl brand includes high quality homogeneous vinyl rolls collections, manufactured in Ronneby, Sweden.

4 patterns to choose from, for unique combination options and a complete aesthetic. Play with highly contrasted patterns for the most demanding areas and patterns with less contrast and few accents for quieter ones.

Polystyl collection are specifically designed for heavy traffic zones where hygiene and resistance are critical such as schools, hospitals and public buildings.

Why selecting Polystyl collections?

  • Manufactured with the highest quality in Sweden, meets the most stringent European standards.
  • Full solution with static-conductive flooring and coordinated welding rods
  • 10 year professional warranty.
  • No additional surface treatment is needed. Our collections benefit from PUR reinforcement which simplifies cleaning and maintenance.
  • Impenetrable heat welding joints for maximum hygiene. Polystyl collections offer highly flexible flooring solutions for perfect coving results, ensuring an easy and improved maintenance.
  • Our Polystyl collections contains a minimum of 25.5% of recycled content. It is good for the climate: 1 kg recycled plastics = 2 kg CO2 savings

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